Hugh Jackman in Logan (2017)
Behind The Scenes

Hugh Jackman Unleashes the Beast During Logan Voice Recording

Hugh Jackman, who’ve played the tortured mutant, Wolverine, for the last time in the critically acclaimed movie, Logan, shared on Twitter a short video unveiling the intense performance the actor still had to pull off during the post-production process. And it’s pretty impressive, to say the least.

In this 30-second video, we can see the actor fully immersing himself in the character of Logan for an additional voice recording. Although he isn’t wearing the usual outfit (bloody shirt and dirty jeans), the actor still manages to exude force and fury in order to add some roaring sounds to a wild fight scene in the woods.

In theatre since March 3, Logan is the third and last chapter of the Wolverine saga, where Jackman, who bears the claws for the ninth time, plays a darker and beaten version of the character.

Already amassing great reviews, the movie opened to $85.3 million after its first weekend here in the U.S. and $247 million worldwide.