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Mandy Moore Screams ’47 Meters Down’ for Another Shark Movie Trailer

Hollywood never seems to be tired of producing shark films. Just one year after the millennial survival B-movie, The Shallows, in which Blake Lively bravely tries to escape from the clutches of a terrifying great white shark, British director Johannes Roberts decided that we hadn’t had enough of big, toothy fish craving for human flesh in theatre…

47 Meters Down, also co-written by Roberts, will follow the misfortune of This Is Us star, Mandy Moore, trapped in a cage at the bottom of the ocean with less than an hour of oxygen left and many very hostile sharks circling around, only waiting for one thing: devouring her and her sister.

Expect a lot of screaming.

47 Meters Down is set to be released on June 16 – just in time so you feel super uncomfortable when dipping your toes in the water during your upcoming summer vacation.

It is the first time actress and singer Mandy Moore will appear in a thriller, which she likes to defined as more thank just a shark movie, as she explained in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly: “A ‘shark movie’ is just not my cup of tea. What I found most compelling about this film was this race against the clock and two sisters who have to trust each other innately.”

Trying to make sense of the audience’s never-ending appetite for scary shark films, Moore added: “It’s the fear of the unknown. Jaws ruins it for everybody. I grew up in Florida going to the beach and I’ve been terrified of going into the water as long as I can remember. But it’s also thrilling because you don’t know what to expect. It’s a world we know relatively little about, and it’s a world that exists totally outside of us. That’s why people are consistently excited about the prospect of what possibilities the ocean holds.”