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‘La La Land’ Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment, and it’s Pretty Brutal

“From the filmmaker behind the movie about the jazz guy who likes jazz so much he ends up alone, comes a movie about a jazz guy who likes jazz so much he ends up alone… Man, what did jazz do to Damien Chazelle?” Those first lines from La La Land‘s honest trailer perfectly set the tone for what comes next in the video posted yesterday by Screen Junkies on YouTube.

In this brutal version of the musical’s trailer, the people behind the popular online series ‘Honest Trailers’ don’t hold back on what they believe make La La Land completely irrational at times (like, the fantasy version of Los Angeles where landmarks are never crowded, or no one taking their phone out before jumping in a pool…) and are not afraid to joke about the controversial La-La-Land-won-best-picture-no-wait-it’s-actually-Moonlight Oscar bombshell.

Described as “the musical about Hollywood made by Hollywood for Hollywood,” by the makers of this parody, La La Land, featuring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, was praised by critics upon its release in theatre back in August 2016. The movie also almost broke the record for the most Academy Awards nominations and won 6 statuettes, including those for Best Director (Damien Chazelle), Best Actress (Emma Watson), and Best Original Score.