Behind The Scenes

Check Out Dafne Keen’s Impressive Audition Tape for Logan

To promote its DVD and Blu-Ray release coming up on May 23, a very compelling behind-the-scenes video for the last chapter of the X-Men Wolverine saga, Logan, has emerged.

In it, we discover how Dafne Keen, who plays Logan’s badass genetic daughter, blew everyone away (including Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart) during her first audition, for which she was not afraid to completely improvise, in the meantime creating the character of Laura (X-23) as we know it.

At only 11 years old, Dafne Keen offered an incredible performance as an angry, obstinate child mutant that stole the show in 20th Century Fox’s Logan, released in theatres last March, oftentimes upstaging Jackman, who didn’t come out of the experience without a few bruises caused by the young actress!