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Drake and Will Ferrell are Handshake Coaches for NBA Stars in Hilarious Video

Ever heard of ‘The Gossip Queen’ or ‘The Jenga’? Coach Palmer (Drake), NBA handshake specialist, and coach Murphy (Will Ferrel), NBA dexterity technician, joined forces to open last night’s NBA Awards 2017 ceremony by teaching basketball stars how to improve their handshake skills in a very funny video.

“Your handshakes are worth dog crap,” starts screaming Ferrell at the players in the hilarious sketch before demonstrating with Canadian rapper Drake, host of the show, the craziest (but somewhat cool?!) handshake routines ever seen, including ‘The Jenga’, ‘The Gossip Queen’, ‘The Prom’ and probably the most impressive one, ‘The Obi Wan Kenobi’.

“Starting today, if you score but your handshake sucks, we will trade you,” continues the comedian as he gets interrupted by DeMar DeRozan. “It’s ridiculous,” reacts the Toronto Raptors player before being mocked by Drake: “DeMar I say it, DeLess I like it!”

The video aired on TNT yesterday as an opening to the first annual NBA Awards ceremony, which was held at Pier 36 in New York City and hosted by Drake, whose performance met with great success.