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Illustrator Imagines Famous Characters Using Their Powers in Sports

Superheroes can start contemplating career changes if their current jobs no longer fulfill them (or at least getting a new hobby – lives still need to be saved and bad guys to be stopped, after all!) as Malaysian illustrator, Chow Hon Lam (aka Flying Mouse), has imagined new ways for each of them, as well as other popular characters, to put their superpowers to good use in various sports competitions. And one thing is for sure, it does seem like the USA team could be pretty awesome at the next Olympic Games!

“I always imagine what those popular characters can do with their abilities if they are living in our real life,” says the artist behind the series of drawings in a post for the website Bored Panda. “They can find a very good Part Time Job with their abilities, I think they can be very good in sports too.”

With a great sense of humor, the illustrator has fun drawing series of parodies of famous characters, which also include artworks picturing them getting part-time jobs with their very unique ability to pay their bills, featuring, for instance, Iron Man, well, ironing for a laundromat, Wolverine working in a meat shop, or even The Flash performing some super-fast pizza delivery.

To discover more of Flying Mouse’s work, click here or visit his website.

Wonder Woman – Ribbon

Thor – Croquet

T-1000 – Golf

Superman – All sports

Spider-Man – Soccer

Mr. Fantastic – Basketball

Iron Man – Ironman triathlon

Hulk – High jump

The Flash and Sonic – Athletics

Captain America – Discus throw

Batman – Boxing

Mario – Track an field

Darth Vader – Ping pong

Harley Quinn – Baseball