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British Airways Hires the Crème de la Crème of English Celebrities for Amusing Safety Video

You won’t look away from pre-flight safety announcements again thanks to the new, star-studded safety video produced by British Airways in partnership with Comic Relief.

With this 6-minute promotional film (below), presented as a sketchy ‘Director’s Cut’ featuring funny, fake auditions of many famous actors and personalities, the English airline has found a way to keep you both safe and entertained aboard their planes!


First to appear, the brilliant Chiwetel Ejiofor, following the lead of incompetent director Chabuddy G (played by comedian Asim Chaudhry), awkwardly tries to keep his composure after being told that this could be his “big break” (the man has more than 30 feature films under his belt and received Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations, so… yeah).

After Ejiofor’s introduction, we get to watch a blunt demonstration by master of the f-word and renowned celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, who becomes pretty unhappy when he learns he had to say lines that were actually meant for Joanna Lumley. (Guess what his reaction is? Yep, it comes with a beep!)

Next, we observe a very professional Thandie Newton having to deal with a very much in-love director. “We should hang out sometime,” attempts Chabuddy G, to which Newton quickly answers, “No”.

Then comes one of our 2 favorite parts of the video, in which Sir Ian McKellen, alongside Warwick Davis, goes through the steps of putting on an oxygen mask. A performance so good that even Warwick can’t help but express his admiration. Is there any scene this actor can’t nail? We doubt it.

Comedian Rob Brydon follows with a thorough demonstration of how to manipulate a life jacket before Jim Broadbent, well… folds up a tray table. Which he does pretty magnificently, we have to say!

Gillian Anderson also makes a, hum, serious appearance showing the correct positions to adopt in case of an emergency landing. She, of course, can’t dodge a little reference to The X-Files from the director.

And finally, to end the video on an even funnier note – and for our greatest pleasure – Rowan Atkinson brings back Mr. Bean as he hilariously struggles to get his coins into a donation envelope. Oops!

Along with the aim of entertaining and informing passengers, the video was also created to promote Flying Start, a global charity partnership between British Airways and Comic Relief raising money to help give children the chance to have a brighter future.

The lucky ones who fly BA will be able to watch the video on-board of the airline’s aircrafts from September 1, 2017.

And if you feel like you didn’t get enough, check out the behind-the-scenes look full of bloopers, below, in which the actors share their opinion about their unusual director (“The thought of seating next to him on a 12-hour flight, I’d rather turn f****** vegan for a week!” is just one the answers from Gordon Ramsay) for a result just as funny as the actual production: