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Surprising Duo Céline Dion and Ryan Reynolds Perform New Deadpool 2 Song in Priceless Music Video

Something you were probably not expecting to see this morning!

The legendary singer Céline Dion has teamed up with witty superhero Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) to perform the song ‘Ashes’ from Deadpool 2‘s soundtrack – and the result, as you can imagine, is priceless.

As per usual, we didn’t expect anything from the Canadian singer other than an exceptional execution – the song is actually really, really good – but if you think for one second that she’s the most talented artist in the official video clip of the track, wait to see the graceful stage moves of the leading man in red spandex!

The incredibly impressive (because, Céline Dion) and weird (because, Deadpool) performance lands 2 weeks before Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters. Obviously we did not anticipate anything less goofy from Ryan Reynolds and his team (who have, for the past months, delivered hilarious parody videos, photos, tweets, posters and more) to continue marketing the upcoming sequel. Although this time, Reynolds thinks they might have aimed too high with Dion…

Deadpool 2 will be released on May 18.