Watch the Full Video for the Love Actually Sequel, Red Nose Day Actually!

If you’ve missed NBC’s Red Nose Day special hosted by Chris Hardwick (who, by the way, did a brilliant job at entertainment millions of viewers while it was pouring rain on New York City) last night – or even if you just feel like watching it again! – here’s the full video of the long-awaited Red Nose Day Actually, very brief, but very touching sequel to Richard Curtis’s 2003 Love Actually.

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Frank Underwood Got the President Treatment From Obama’s Photographer Pete Souza

Just as reality dangerously flirts with fiction only a few days ahead of the highly anticipated House of Cards season 5 premiere, Netflix has decided to take the general discomfort to a new level by hiring Pete Souza, Barack Obama’s former chief official White House photographer, to follow fictional character, President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), escorted by bodyguards and his chief of staff, Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), to take a series of “candid” pictures called ‘A Day in the Life of Frank Underwood‘ as he goes around Washington, D.C.

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