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Robin Wright Rules the First Teaser for House of Cards’s Final Season: What to Expect

After months of turbulent production following accusations of sexual misconducts against Kevin Spacey, Netflix has released a first teaser trailer for the final season of House of Cards focusing on its new lead character, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright).

Playing it safe by minimizing the obvious absence of the show’s biggest antagonist, the streaming platform wants you to know it’s ready to blow your mind for the last time in a short but efficient video teasing what’s to come in the gloomy political universe of what started as its first original series. Unique line from the video, “We’re just getting started,” spoken by Wright’s character, now President of the United States, is a perfect (and convenient) continuity to her powerful words that clotured season 5 after she mightily took over the oval office, “My turn.”

One thing is for sure, Frank Underwood is finished.


But now that the darkest, most complex opponent from the series is out, what’s to be expected? Last season established the premise of an explosive showdown between the power-thirsty husband and wife, which is, well, no longer in the cards (no pun intended). While it’s yet to be known how writers have managed to scratch Spacey off the new season’s plot, what really frets the audience is whether or not the show will remain worthy in terms of conflicts.

As Claire loses her strongest rival, she faces the immense responsibility to make House of Cards exciting again, and where season 5 didn’t succeed, her new character’s era might well finally rekindle the fire that made the show so thrilling in the first place. “Now that she’s become more ambitious, or actually just more pronounced with her ambitions openly about what she wants, her complicity is going to be different than Francis’ complicity,” explained showrunner Frank Pugliese.

Given HoC’s latest episodes, Claire is far from entering season 6 without a few horrific sins about to haunt her presidency and challenge her into becoming an even more devious leader of the Free World than Frank. “I would personally like [Claire] to be the greatest president we’ve ever had,” said Robin Wright to The Hollywood Reporter. “How she gets there and achieves that is a whole other thing regarding the opera of the show.”

House of Cards might still have a chance to make a strong come-back thanks to a most-welcome fresh start, potentially causing Kevin Spacey’s departure to become what the show most needed, after all.

While no specific date has been set yet, House of Cards is expected to return for a final season of 8 episodes in the fall.