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The Terrifying Trailer of Stephen King’s It is Finally Here

You’ll never see clowns the same way after you’ve watched the freshly released trailer of It, the movie adaptation of the 1986 novel written by master of horror, Stephen King.

In a small town, 7 children will be terrorized by the apparition of Pennywise, a clown with very sharp teeth and finger nails who exploits the fears and phobias of his victims in order to disguise himself while hunting his prey.

Directed by Andrés Muschietti – who knows one thing or 2 about horror movies as he directed the scary film Mama in 2013 – It is the second adaptation of King’s famous book for the screen, following a TV mini-series created in 1990.

And Swedish actor, Bill Skasgård – who is only 26 – will have big shoes to fill after the memorable, frightening performance of Tim Curry who first played the evil entity!

The new film is scheduled to come out on September 8, 2017, and could be the first part of a duology, with the second movie focusing on the adults’ point of view.