Behind The Scenes

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Bloopers

There’s no doubt that director James Gunn loves to please and reward fans for their patience. Hence, it comes as no surprise that, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2‘s official home video release date fast approaching, the man himself shared online some hilarious footage from the movie’s bloopers for everyone’s greatest pleasure!

As one would expect from a gag reel, the short video reveals some pretty embarrassing (but really amusing) moments for the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy‘s sequel. But most interestingly, we get to witness the undeniable – already perceptible onscreen – chemistry between Chris Pratt, Kurt Russel, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, and Michael Rooker.

Among the funniest series of failed scenes present in the bloopers, above, Sylvester Stallone struggling to say the word “Ravagers” absolutely tops our list, along with Zoe Saldana’s grimacing reaction to Dave Bautista’s strong language after screwing up one of his lines, of course!

But when it comes to the classiest behind-the-scenes performance, the title unquestionably goes to Kurt Russel, who puts all of his co-stars to shame by remaining perfectly chilled and composed despite the fact that a camera dangerously storms toward him at full speed, stopping only a few inches away from his face (“a lot closer than it was supposed to”)!

“Oh my god, yeah. And the amazing thing about that moment is that Kurt did not budge,” said James Gunn about the averted disaster in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.  “You look at him, and he’s such a pro, that he’s just standing there. Oh my god, it went way too close. We were just an inch away from him getting his face broken open and that would have been the end of Kurt Russell on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. We would have had to reshoot everything with Pauly Shore.”

And because good things come in pairs, another (rather unexpected) bonus feature from the upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD editions was also released by the director over the weekend – although you might want to get in a groovier mood for this one – starring a goofy David Hasselhoff performing the disco song, straight out of the movie’s soundtrack, Inferno.


Aside from eccentric aliens and quirky dancers swaying to kitchy music in a fully retro decor, most of the franchise’s regulars also make an appearance, along with others – less anticipated – additions like those of Stan Lee, director Guillermo del Toro, and Gunn himself!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 will be available digitally tomorrow and on Blu Ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD from August 22.