Behind The Scenes

Melissa McCarthy is Even Funnier in SNL’s Sean Spicer Returns Outtakes

Most of Melissa McCarthy’s hilarious appearances as Sean Spicer (a.k.a. Spicey) are already being listed as some of the best Saturday Night Live performances in the history of the show, and her return in last weekend’s SNL episode on NBC – hosted by the comedian herself – was no exception!

For the occasion, McCarthy once again stepped into the shoes of the White House Press Secretary in a new caricatural sketch for which she took to the streets of Manhattan as Spicer, desperately strolling through the city with his podium on wheels in search for President Trump after he heard rumors of his upcoming termination.

And if you liked the SNL piece, then you’ll love these outtakes shot on the set of the segment where the actress never breaks character, even though the entire population of NYC recognizes her.